sometimes you need to read the whole story

I received this alert in my inbox last week:

if you were just reading the headlines, you could easily be a little worried. Here’s the slightly extended version…

The truth is I get these fairly often, and by the looks of it Leading Senior Constable Snell is doing a great job protecting the fine people of Bendigo.


Relay For life

Bern\’s family recently (end of May) lost their dad to cancer.  He battled for 2 1/2 years.  Due to this close encounter with Cancer (and the fact that Bern\’s mum, Marie is a breast cancer survivor), they have decided to join forces as a team for the Cancer Council\’s fundraising initiative Relay for Life.

What is Relay For life?

Relay For Life is an overnight team event to raise funds for cancer research, education and patient support programs.

How does it work?

It&rsquo::s a team challenge!

The challenge is for teams of 10 or more to complete a relay-style walk or run at selected venues throughout Australia – in our case the team is running at Morrison Reserve, Mount Evelyn. Team members take turns to keep their baton moving overnight, enjoying the sensational festive atmosphere created through entertainment, camping, spot prizes and, most importantly, the vibrancy of the hundreds of lively people on the track!

The highlights at each event include the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Survivors&rsquo:: Walk and the Candlelight Ceremony.

Prior to the event – each team member is encouraged to raise much-needed funds to go towards research, education and patient support programs.  If you are interested in supporting this worthwhile cause, you can go to the Relay for Life website and search for Windmill Warriors or click on this link

Wish us well with our fundraising efforts and for the walk itself!


Out of the mouthes of babes

Okay, this is old, but It\’s been in my inbox for ages, and I\’m cleaning out….

Bern was driving our two girls, and their cousin Josh around the other day, and Josh pipes up it\’s 9 more sleeps to Vote Day. Bern thought she must have misheard him, so I asked him to repeat it and sure enough he said it\’s 9 more sleeps to Vote Day. So I asked him what vote day was. He said it\’s where people go to vote for John Howard or Kevin Rudd and the person with the most sheets of paper gets to be in charge.


TV shows and their audience

a quote from a My Business magazine article by Brad Sugars:

&quot::Too many people are sitting at home watching Lost and Desperate Housewives to get anywhere.

When did they start to name the shows after the audience…?&quot::


Busy & Sick

I know, I haven’t blogged for nearly 2 months, but I’ve had a few things on, between growing The Tech Doctor Network, GeekZone, working on the Movie Elindil’s Secret and trying to look after Bern and the kids.. I also managed to food poison myself a couple of weeks ago by eating some ham from the fridge that had obviously been there a bit too long… Of course, I was just eating and running so I never took any notice, but i paid for it for 4 days afterwards.

I’m also looking to start a blog on the Tech Doctor site, so I can put my tech musings and ranting over there, but I’ll have to be more dedicated, and I\’m not sure if this will speed things up of slow them down over here.. I guess time will tell.


Trip to the dentist.

I decided it was finally time to go to the dentist and get the annoying hole in one of my wisdom teeth looked at. Strangely enough that same tooth is also the only tooth I’ve ever had a filling in. I don’t claim to be fantastic at brushing my teeth 3 times a day, but that tooth obviously has issues…

Bern rang up and made the booking, and the earliest appointment was today at 2:30. 2:30 the ultimate time to go to the dentist (tooth hurty). Strangely enough the receptionist for the dentist didn’t seem to get the joke.

I went in today and was informed that the tooth was officially stuffed and would have to come out. Hmmm, Jase has just had (admittedly all 4) of his wisdom teeth out, and it hasn’t  exactly been a week of fun for him, but I figured if she was willing to do it then and there it couldn’t be too bad.

They numbed it all up with some really cool gel and I shut my eyes so I never saw the needle, though I did feel it a bit. I can’t say it really hurt. There was a bit of wrenching about, and they finally go t the tooth out, and because I have thin blood, she decided to put a stitch in it, possibly the weirdest part of the whole thing as you can feel the thread on your lips but cant feel anything in your mouth at all.

You didn’t really want all that detail, but suffice to say that the dentist is not something I’m really scared of anymore, after 2 great experiences, and also Bec  &amp:: Liz’s story from last week going to see the same dentist, and having what is called &quot::a ride in the chair&quot:: where they get to see the dentist as a bit of fun and the dentist introduces them to the tickle stick and a few other things, and also has a bit of a look at their teeth.

Anyway, I paid the bill and left, got home and was talking to Bern, and we talked about how much it cost. $230 which is neither here nor there, dollars wise as it needed to be spent, but a weird coincidence.. $tooth hurty.


Some people..

At the supermarket yesterday, I was looking blankly into the deli case, trying to decide if I wanted a jumbo tub of pasta salad or just a large, when a lady stepped past me to get a ticket. I realised I should get a ticket as well, if I wanted to get served, so reached out and grabbed one too.

The lady, realising I has been standing there already, had had just forgotten to grab a ticket, swapped her ticket with me to put me in front of her in the queue.

I was quite touched. Human nature can be a beautiful thing.


How do Rear-Vision Mirrors work

I got to wondering how rear-vision mirrors work the other day, so I decided I had to find out.

The answer is here, Courtesy of


Gadget Years

Having been working with some older technology recently, I got to thinking about how long a gadget year is.

Basically a dog year is supposed to be about 7 years so that when a dog is say 13 years old, it is basically equivalent to a 91 year old human.

Well, in tech it’s even worse. Using some business logic of a working life drawing to a close around 75, and the working life of a computer being up around 5 years, It is my hypothesis that a Computer year is about 15 years.

Gadget years are even worse as the average life is probably more like 3 years, so I’m saying 25 years

1 Computer Year = 15 years
1 Gadget Year = 25 years.

So when someone asks me to fix a 10 year old laptop, I can safely say it’s about 150 years old and probably due for retirement, or at best a new life as a digital picture frame.


How does the GPS network work?