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If two people drink from the same can of Solo, is it a duet?

If you don’t find this funny, you’ve obviously getting more sleep than we have, or you have no sense of humour…

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How ironic Is it that an email called:

[IVT News] Managing email overload

has sat unread in my inbox for 4 days because I\’m too busy to read it?

with thanks to Jonathan and the guys at IVT from what I assume will be a great newsletter article, when I get time to read it…

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Merlin says inbox-20 is okay.

I\’ve been trying over the last 12 months or so to make the productivity of my life better in small ways using a system called GTD by the David Allen Company. I\’ve learnt lots about how I think, how I store stuff in my head and various other places and how to control some of those things.

One of the things Merlin Mann (a great GTD evangelist) promotes is something called Inbox-Zero where you get your inbox to empty at the end of each day, clean and ready to face the next day. I\’ve been trying. I\’ve been succeeding at some level too, because now my inbox averages 20-40 messages instead of the previous 100-150. I can actually feel my stress level increase when it gets over 50.

The other day while listening to TWIT, I hear Merlin say that inbox-20 was okay! I feel so much better about myself. I\’m not a failure after all. 🙂

Current Items in my inbox: 17
Desk Status: messy! oh well….

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Out of the mouthes of babes

Okay, this is old, but It\’s been in my inbox for ages, and I\’m cleaning out….

Bern was driving our two girls, and their cousin Josh around the other day, and Josh pipes up it\’s 9 more sleeps to Vote Day. Bern thought she must have misheard him, so I asked him to repeat it and sure enough he said it\’s 9 more sleeps to Vote Day. So I asked him what vote day was. He said it\’s where people go to vote for John Howard or Kevin Rudd and the person with the most sheets of paper gets to be in charge.

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Gadget Years

Having been working with some older technology recently, I got to thinking about how long a gadget year is.

Basically a dog year is supposed to be about 7 years so that when a dog is say 13 years old, it is basically equivalent to a 91 year old human.

Well, in tech it’s even worse. Using some business logic of a working life drawing to a close around 75, and the working life of a computer being up around 5 years, It is my hypothesis that a Computer year is about 15 years.

Gadget years are even worse as the average life is probably more like 3 years, so I’m saying 25 years

1 Computer Year = 15 years
1 Gadget Year = 25 years.

So when someone asks me to fix a 10 year old laptop, I can safely say it’s about 150 years old and probably due for retirement, or at best a new life as a digital picture frame.

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Time for a rest

Cary, one of the contractors at work, gave me a wonderful idea for getting better rest.

Rather than having a task to do of going to sleep: &quot::Aarrgh, it’s 11:30, I need to get to sleep now, I’ve got to be up in 7 hours&quot::.

You just go to bed for a rest, and let it happen. If you sleep, you sleep, if you just shut your eyes and rest, so be it.

Think about it, if you have a Saturday afternoon rest, you rarely have trouble getting to sleep. Why? No time line. (and possibly a big roast lunch…)

I’ll give it a try over the next few weeks.

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Whiteboard Marker in the Shower

One of the things that has worked for me over the years is having a whiteboard marker in the shower. I admit I have a tendancy towards longish showers, but I can honestly say I get some great ideas while I’m in the shower. So rather than lose those ideas, I find it preferable to jot them down on the shower screen with a whiteboard marker, continue on with my thoughts and then collect the ideas later. Of course the simple act of writing something down commits it much better to memory as well.

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