Trip to the dentist.

I decided it was finally time to go to the dentist and get the annoying hole in one of my wisdom teeth looked at. Strangely enough that same tooth is also the only tooth I’ve ever had a filling in. I don’t claim to be fantastic at brushing my teeth 3 times a day, but that tooth obviously has issues…

Bern rang up and made the booking, and the earliest appointment was today at 2:30. 2:30 the ultimate time to go to the dentist (tooth hurty). Strangely enough the receptionist for the dentist didn’t seem to get the joke.

I went in today and was informed that the tooth was officially stuffed and would have to come out. Hmmm, Jase has just had (admittedly all 4) of his wisdom teeth out, and it hasn’t  exactly been a week of fun for him, but I figured if she was willing to do it then and there it couldn’t be too bad.

They numbed it all up with some really cool gel and I shut my eyes so I never saw the needle, though I did feel it a bit. I can’t say it really hurt. There was a bit of wrenching about, and they finally go t the tooth out, and because I have thin blood, she decided to put a stitch in it, possibly the weirdest part of the whole thing as you can feel the thread on your lips but cant feel anything in your mouth at all.

You didn’t really want all that detail, but suffice to say that the dentist is not something I’m really scared of anymore, after 2 great experiences, and also Bec  &amp:: Liz’s story from last week going to see the same dentist, and having what is called &quot::a ride in the chair&quot:: where they get to see the dentist as a bit of fun and the dentist introduces them to the tickle stick and a few other things, and also has a bit of a look at their teeth.

Anyway, I paid the bill and left, got home and was talking to Bern, and we talked about how much it cost. $230 which is neither here nor there, dollars wise as it needed to be spent, but a weird coincidence.. $tooth hurty.

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