Gadget Years

Having been working with some older technology recently, I got to thinking about how long a gadget year is.

Basically a dog year is supposed to be about 7 years so that when a dog is say 13 years old, it is basically equivalent to a 91 year old human.

Well, in tech it’s even worse. Using some business logic of a working life drawing to a close around 75, and the working life of a computer being up around 5 years, It is my hypothesis that a Computer year is about 15 years.

Gadget years are even worse as the average life is probably more like 3 years, so I’m saying 25 years

1 Computer Year = 15 years
1 Gadget Year = 25 years.

So when someone asks me to fix a 10 year old laptop, I can safely say it’s about 150 years old and probably due for retirement, or at best a new life as a digital picture frame.

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