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Disk Space Usage

I found a great new app on the weekend to find out what is using up all your disk space, and I’ve used it about 3-4 times since. It’s called Space Sniffer.

It’s a simple little program that doesn’t require installation, and just works great.

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I quite like They have cool gimmicky gadgets, and they are also fun and willing to have a laugh at themselves.

A couple of weeks back I bought something, and in the middle of the boring shipping and handling step of the purchasing process was this little gem:

Zazz - slay dragon

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let them sing it for you

While WWILFing* the other day, I came across a site that will take a bunch of typed text, and sing it back to you using words clipped from songs.

* that feeling you get when you\’ve been aimlessly surfing the net for a while, and then think What Was I Looking For?

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