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let them sing it for you

While WWILFing* the other day, I came across a site that will take a bunch of typed text, and sing it back to you using words clipped from songs.

* that feeling you get when you\’ve been aimlessly surfing the net for a while, and then think What Was I Looking For?

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Zazz is a site where you can but basically one thing each day, unless sold out. Each item goes on sale at midnight and if you miss out, too bad, it’ll probably never be back.

They also have a very alive community, though in fact I often find the chatter gets in the way of finding out about the stuff, but that is just because I don’t have time for another community…

a quote from their most recent newsletter cracked me up though:

&quot::Bundle all that with the fun of a whole new month at Zazz and we’ll be partying like it&rsquo::s on sale for $19.99.&quot::

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