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I’d never heard of Jazza until 3 weeks ago, when my daughter, 12yo Lizzie said “Dad, I want to go to Comic con, my favourite Youtuber is going to be there.”   She showed me this video, and I really think she was half joking, half hoping, but I thought, yeah, we might be able to do that..  

She may have squealed when I told her I’d bought tickets, and that it was in 2 days time…   We had an awesome day, but the highlight by far was Lizzie meeting Jazza and both of us getting to watch him draw.

I even caught a t-shirt, but something happened and by the time we got home, and it was gone.. I blame the #ZombieBanana  🙁  

So, Jazza, if you ever read this, There’s a few things I’d love you to know…  

I’ve been so inspired that I’ve binge-watched maybe 150-200 episodes of both the Daily Jazza and Draw with Jazza. I even picked up a pencil and found that with the help of your “How to draw – Facial Construction” video I can, in fact, draw more than a gender-specific stick figure (which is what I’ve been saying for the last 20 years…)  

I also really enjoyed the Pictionary episode, and totally commiserate with you Jazza, because my drawing may not be artwork, but I do tend to rock at that game.. BTW, I think you might have had the kids version, Pictionary Jr??  

I watched FUNDRAISER: Jazza Studios needs your Help! and We can’t believe this happened… ❤ and, i cried. Several times…  

I’m also really impressed by the bits I get to see of the real Jazza, the husband, the father, and the teary triple+ funded Indiegogoer.

I was somewhat of an absent father in the younger years of my kids’ lives, and I so totally regret it (and try and make up for it with memories like the comic con trip). I was building a business and working upwards of 90 hours some weeks and making a mess of my life. I’ve since got my act together and now have a job that leaves me some family time, but just wanted to reinforce with you how important family is. 🙂  

The point of this post, other than to share my man-crush of you with the world, is to say how sad I am that I really can’t contribute to the funding project. At some stage, I’ll find a way to contribute, if you ever need some man-power, let me know, we are only 1.5 hours away.

Also if you need a tech crew for something like comic con, so you can spend less time setting up and checking cameras and more time interacting with your fans, let me know.   Jazza,

Your community is awesome and I guess I’m now a part of it. Thank you for being you. Stay cool, stick with that beautiful blend of braggadocious humbleness, keep Mrs Jazza close, she’s clearly a keeper and look after MJ.  Above all, stay grateful, it will take you far!  


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