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Zazz is a site where you can but basically one thing each day, unless sold out. Each item goes on sale at midnight and if you miss out, too bad, it’ll probably never be back.

They also have a very alive community, though in fact I often find the chatter gets in the way of finding out about the stuff, but that is just because I don’t have time for another community…

a quote from their most recent newsletter cracked me up though:

&quot::Bundle all that with the fun of a whole new month at Zazz and we’ll be partying like it&rsquo::s on sale for $19.99.&quot::

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Remote Assistance

I found this site ( from the previous one on customer service, and it seems like a great tool. I already do this using a couple of different tools, but they either require me to have pre-installed software on the computer to be controlled, or to be in the office. This one requires neither, but costs US$5 for a day pass or US25cents per minute, neither of which are unreasonable, but I need to make sure I’m going to use it enough before I commit.

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Good Customer Service

I love great customer service, and I love giving great service to my customers, and I hate it when, for whatever reason, the service I give my customers is less than excellent.

so, this post really caught my eye, even though it is talking more about software, it is still really applicable.

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Podcasting & Podcatching

I’ve become hooked on podcatching recently. Podcasting is where you record a radio type show and make it available for download subscription via RSS. Podcatching is the client to podcasting where you subscribe to a radio show download it to your music player, and listen to it at your convenience. Originally I was using my MP3 player/Voice Recorder/USB Key, but it died recently, so I’ve switched to using my new phone.

I started out by listening to Security Now! and then moved to This Week on Tech (TWIT), diggnation, Inside the Net (ITN), and engadget.

Stay tuned for a podcast from yours truly!

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Backpackit – Organisational tool

I stumbled across a link to backpackit (via TWIT), a site which allows you to store ideas, to-dos notes files and photos online. Of course, it’s kind of like a blog, but it has a bunch of really useful back-end web2.0 features that make it really appealing to me. I’m not using it publically, (at least, not yet) but it is a great tool for clearing the mind.

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