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A couple of weeks ago with a really badly blocked nose, I tried something both my father and one of my best friends do/have done, which is to snort a handful of water up your nose (usually in the shower) so you can spit it out to clear some of the junk out. The sensation of water in my nasal passages immediate brought back a sense of drowning, and my body went into fight of flight mode, flooding me with adrenalin. It\’s a heck of a way to wake up in the morning, but not something I think I\’ll go for every day.

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Fitness and injury

Things have slowed down rather a bit already. I pulled a hamstring (again) playing tennis on Tuesday night. I really need to find some way to warm my hamstrings up better before and during the sets, or possibly just go for the deep heat.

I will do my best to go for a quiet walk on the treadmill later this morning, just to stretch it out a bit.

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Day 1: about 16 minutes of cardio work.

13 minutes on the treadmill mainly at 7Km/hr with 2 x 1-1.5 minute bursts at 9Ks (1.5km total)
2 minutes doing ab and shoulder excercises
3 minutes in the excercise bike

I managed to do all of that with Bec milling around and wanting to use all the equipment and chatting the whole time.

I\’m still too short of bandwidth for the month, so I can\’t watch any of the video podcasts.

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New Beginings

The time has come to start looking at how I live some parts of my life and to make some healthy decisions while I\’m younger and it is a bit easier.

Over the last 2 years or so, I\’ve really let my fitness slide. Doing Tae Kwon Do in my teens, through playing Indoor Cricket, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball in my twenties, I was pretty fit and rather healthy. I never ate really well, with a fair bit of junk food, but you can\’t have everything.

Since hitting thirty, I seem to have let the busyness of life get in the way of playing sport and staying fit, though I\’ve recently started playing tennis again to kick the process off. To really kick things into higher gear though, we\’ve set up a gym at home in the guest room (never fear, there is still room for guests).

We have a new treadmill we bought off ebay, a Totalgym 1000 that I bought out of the Trading Post 4 years ago (and have hardly used) and an old Exercise bike given to us by Bernie\’s brother Paul. The other thing in the room is an old PC to watch and listen to stuff on while we excercise. One of the reasons I\’ve never been interested in things like the excercise bike or a treadmill is the complete waste of brain power while the body is working.

I\’ve solved that problem in the car by burning CDs of podcasts and getting a fill of tech news as I drive, so I figured I\’d do the same with excercise, but instead use all those video podcasts I never get time to sit and watch. At this point I should say a special thanks to Wil Harris for this week choosing to launch Channel Flip, a series of 5 minute daily video casts aimed at males 18-30 something.

The new plan is:
Drink 1 litre of water every day before I drink any alcohol.
Excercise 4 times a week:
3 x 20 minute session (works out to 2 episodes each of Play:Digital and Unwired)
1 x 60 minute session (The average length of an episode of diggnation)

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