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“Thanks so much for your help editing my Special Report, Mark. I’ve come to rely on you for your viewpoint on grammar, editing and content. It’s helped my information products become more professional, and polished. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.”
Louise Bedford, The Trading Game. Best-selling author of books on the sharemarket.

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Matrix Revolutions

Note, this is a general ramble more than a review, but what do you expect at 4am. There are no real spoilers below.

It’s really tough to rate the last movie in a trilogy, simply because there is always the sadness of the fact that the story is coming to an end, and the long awaited conclusion to The Matrix was no exception. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great movie, and, like it’s predecessors will bear many a re-watching, but I felt it lacked something of what the others had. Maybe because less of the movie was in the Matrix itself, I’m not sure.

The fight scenes were, of course, excellent, and the story, though reasonably predictable had enough to keep me guessing how” if not “”what”” was going to happen. Some of the dialogue was a easy to pick too, but maybe I’m just good at finishing other peoples sentences. Oh, and when you see the squidies pour in, my brain immediately screamed Galaga, which was kinda funny.

All in all, a great movie, bringing a tear to the eye, a laugh and some very enjoyable action.

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No, This is not a typo, this is a sequel to Alien. The second film is much better than the first, probably due to the direction of James Cameron, many of whose movies I love.
I think I saw this one too, many years ago, but I only remember bits of it. It is possible that I got the edited shorts from it with the aid of a friend of mine who now calls himself Meridian.
All that aside you have the same lead character, the same alien (lots of them) and the same planet, but also a bunch of new characters (good & bad). I quite enjoyed this, but the atmosphere can really be too much. At one stage in the movie all the light go out (coz the power got cut of course) but at the same time, in the office beside me there was a whir, a click and movement beside me. By the time I climbed back down off the ligh fitting, i realised it was mearly the Red Hat install beside me asking for the second CD, but it took me several minutes to calm back down before I could watch the movie again.

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I havent seen this movie since I was about 14 or so, and it scared me death back then. Then there was the Alens TC for Doom during the good old days. Now the movies are out on DVD and you can get a five pack (the four movies plus a DVD of extras) which I have been leant by my boss, Steve.
This is still a scary movie, and the effects are still fairly good, even today. I thouroughly enjoyed watching it again, and I was surprised how little I remembered, and how frightened you can be in a well lit loungeroom.

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This was an excellent little techo-geeky thriller. Unfortuneatly I saw the last 20 minutes or so before I saw the start, but I have to say I still enjoyed it again, and having the chance to watch Bern, Mon & Jase was good too.
The plot was good, and I liked the acting (thought I rrarely dislike acting, I suspend disbelief too well). The whole Microsoft/Nurv” thing was a bit close, but they made light of it early in the movie which was kinda fun.
There were a few nice twists, an Mon, in particular, was right on the edge of her seat for the last half.

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Lord of the Rings

Warning. There is some information about the movie here, though nothing I’d call a spoiler (it is only the first of 3 movies and the book has been out for 45 years..)
I went to the trouble of booking a ticket the night before to see the 9:45 am session of Lord of the Rings, but I needn’t have bothered, because it turned out there were only about 40 people who were interested enough to venture out on a cold Melbourne Boxing day morning to see the first session.
Overall the movie was excellent. I was completely sucked in to the world of Middle Earth (though that is not too hard for me, I’ve read the books about 7 times). There were some things I would have done differently, but none of them detracted from the spectacle of the movie as a whole.
Merry and, in particular, Pippin seem to have been cast as comedic relief, which is a bit sad, and may make things a little difficult when the times comes for them to take on the serious roles later on.
I was dissapointed to see that the whole Fatty Bolger/Old Forest/Old man Willow/Tom Bombadil/Barrow Wights bit had been cut out, but I can understand it from the point of it having little to do with the story as a whole, and taking up a big slab of time.
The glow (when Orcs are around) of the elvish sword “”Sting”” that Frodo bears looks like a last minute job, more like what I would have expected from the guys that did Troops.
Overall, still a 5/5 I can’t wait for parts two and three.

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The Hurricane

I also just sat down and watched the Movie the Hurricane” starrring Denzel Washington. This is a fantastic film, one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is a deep (and true) story and it is told well. The acting is excellent and some of the camera work is spectacular. I watched it on DVD so also got the chance to watch it a second (& third) time with the Directors overview soundtrack which was quite revealing. Five stars.

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I also got a chance to sit and watch Blade, which is a great movie, if a little predictable. The very end was such a setup for a sequel that it made everything a bit hollow though.

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