Lord of the Rings

Warning. There is some information about the movie here, though nothing I’d call a spoiler (it is only the first of 3 movies and the book has been out for 45 years..)
I went to the trouble of booking a ticket the night before to see the 9:45 am session of Lord of the Rings, but I needn’t have bothered, because it turned out there were only about 40 people who were interested enough to venture out on a cold Melbourne Boxing day morning to see the first session.
Overall the movie was excellent. I was completely sucked in to the world of Middle Earth (though that is not too hard for me, I’ve read the books about 7 times). There were some things I would have done differently, but none of them detracted from the spectacle of the movie as a whole.
Merry and, in particular, Pippin seem to have been cast as comedic relief, which is a bit sad, and may make things a little difficult when the times comes for them to take on the serious roles later on.
I was dissapointed to see that the whole Fatty Bolger/Old Forest/Old man Willow/Tom Bombadil/Barrow Wights bit had been cut out, but I can understand it from the point of it having little to do with the story as a whole, and taking up a big slab of time.
The glow (when Orcs are around) of the elvish sword “”Sting”” that Frodo bears looks like a last minute job, more like what I would have expected from the guys that did Troops.
Overall, still a 5/5 I can’t wait for parts two and three.

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