Strange Coincidences

As I arrived at work the other day (Heathmont College), the strangest thing happenend. I had parked behind another car out the front of the school, and as I got out of the car, a young lady stepped out of the car in front, looked at me, and said you must be Mark”. I was rather shocked, but at the same time I noticed that she was wearing a Treeby Real Estate jacket and that the house accross the street was for lease by Treeby. I said “”I am , but not the Mark you are looking for, I’m just going to work.””

That was kind of spooky, but only just the start of things..

As I was unlocking the front door of the College 30 seconds later, I saw a reflection of a car doing a U-turn in the street behind me with JSOUND.COM.AU on the back of it, and several things clicked into place. Mark, from Jsound is looking for a new place to rent, so he must be the Mark the Treeby lady is looking for. I left my bags at the door and raced back accross the road. As I passed the lady, I said to her “”this is the Mark you are looking for”” and she gave me a rather strange look. I then openend Marks car door and frightened the life out him.

He popped in for a chat after he’d seen the place and it looks like he will be moving in next weekend… I’m not sure if he ever explained things to the agent though..

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