More Weight

Rebecca is putting on more weight, up 35g on 16th Jan and another 40g today (18th). Bern’s milk supply is increasing, partly due to some medication she has been given (Motilium) which is also good news. Rebecca is attaching to the breast better and we are making progress.

Some of the complimentary feeds (comps) are now being given to Bec as a bottle (rather than a cup) probably mainly so not as much is spilt. They use a special teat that has a tiny hole so she has to work for the food though, otherwise babies tend to go off the breast, simply because the bottle is less work.

Finally, on a personal note, a huge thank-you to all those who have sent gifts, cards or just called. We really apreciate your support. If you don’t hear from us in a real hurry, I’m sorry, we do still love you. We are really busy at the moment, especially Bern who is racing back and forth to the hospital and even when she is at home she has to be up every three hours to express.

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