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Strange Coincidences

As I arrived at work the other day (Heathmont College), the strangest thing happenend. I had parked behind another car out the front of the school, and as I got out of the car, a young lady stepped out of the car in front, looked at me, and said you must be Mark”. I was rather shocked, but at the same time I noticed that she was wearing a Treeby Real Estate jacket and that the house accross the street was for lease by Treeby. I said “”I am , but not the Mark you are looking for, I’m just going to work.””

That was kind of spooky, but only just the start of things..

As I was unlocking the front door of the College 30 seconds later, I saw a reflection of a car doing a U-turn in the street behind me with JSOUND.COM.AU on the back of it, and several things clicked into place. Mark, from Jsound is looking for a new place to rent, so he must be the Mark the Treeby lady is looking for. I left my bags at the door and raced back accross the road. As I passed the lady, I said to her “”this is the Mark you are looking for”” and she gave me a rather strange look. I then openend Marks car door and frightened the life out him.

He popped in for a chat after he’d seen the place and it looks like he will be moving in next weekend… I’m not sure if he ever explained things to the agent though..

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Music Setup

I’ve has a casual interest in Music for many years even though I don’t have a musical bone in my body. Like most people, I like listening to music, though I do that less and less these days, prefering to keep up to date with what is going on by listening to news & talkback radio

I also married into a very musical family, which has eventually ended up with me joining Cornerstone, one of our church’s Music Ministeries. My official title is Technical Director, Website Designer, which really means I’m the roadie, and the guy behind the mixing desk. In the process of doing that, going to Hillsong Conference and reviewing various sound cards and speaker systems, I’ve become interseted in the technical side of music and how it all works. I’ve just bought two books, Sound Reinforcement Handbook and Guide to Sound Systems for Worship which to be honest I haven’t had a chance to read more than a few pages. I do know now, that Sound is a Wave etc. etc.

I also came across this site about buying what you really need which I thought might be interesting later.

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