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I was looking around for a book: Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide, and I remembered that SAGE-AU had a sponsor who was a bookstore. I chased up and found that though they didn’t have the book listed, they had a nice friendly looking email addresss for enquiries. So I sent them an email, and got one back saying they couldn’t find it, (probably because I’d only given them half the name). I replied with the ISBN Number and they found it and offered it to me at a fairly good price, with my SAGE-AU 10% discount.

Then I remembered it was Tuesday Night and I was going away on Monday for a few days and what better relaxation than learning a new programming language? 🙂

I emailed to ask if they could express ship it, or did it have to go from the publisher to them and then out to me? I got a call the next morning to say they had already organised the publisher to overnight ship it to me, and I hadn’t even given them my credit card details yet!

I’m mightly impressed, so many thanks to the people at

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