Remote repairs

It’s been a week of remote repairs, with varying levels of sucess.

I managed to remote control my Sister’s machine in Mt Beauty (3 and three quarter hours away) to help her with a confusing install.

Then I completely failed to be able to get a remote control session on my parents machine in Lakes Entrance (3 and a half hours away) to help them with what what looks like an IE spyware problem. (I really wish they would listen to me and use firefox…) If there are major problems, I’m going to set them up as a power user so they cant install anything!!

I think we finally got Mum &amp:: Dad’s machine working a bit better though.

Then my sister rings me to tell me that the keyboard just stopped working on her laptop!! We tried a few things like restarting &amp:: tapping all the keys with no luck. I told her to try and vaccuum it while brushing the keys with a pastry brush and hung up, expecting to have to spend another hour or so on the phone to her tonight walking her through taking the keybord out of her laptop to check the connection.

she sent me an email 5 minutes later with the subject:
&quot::It’s all ok!  the vacuum did the trick – thank you – thank you – thank you!&quot::

Dont get me wrong, I love helping my family, but that was already 4+ hours spent on the phone or Skype, when I really need to get some business background work done, and some sleep!

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