Proof Reading

Do you have trouble with your words? Do you think much faster than your fingers can type?

Is poorly written copy hurting your credibility as a subject matter expert?

If you have a blog or an email list, every time you send something out with typos or grammatical errors, some part of your audience is going to read it and think one or more of 3 things:

  1. They don’t care enough about their words to make them right
  2. They aren’t as smart as they think they are
  3. If they can’t fix a typo, can they really help me? (with whatever service they are providing)

I can help!

I have been told so many times over the years that I have excellent reading, writing and comprehension skills. I have sent literally hundreds of unsolicited edits to random strangers with errors and typos in their websites and emails.

I have officially proof-read blog posts and emails for one of Melbourne’s pre-eminent thought leaders and teachers.

I can help you.

For just 4 cents* per word (of the total copy) I will read through your copy and either simply correct the mistakes, or if you prefer, send you back a notated copy, showing you the changes I have made so you can learn. If there is something I’m not sure about, I’ll either make a note in the text, often giving a couple of options, or email you directly for clarification.

“Mark [is a] pedantic editing freak….” – Louise Bedford – The Trading Game

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How does it work?

Step 1: Copy and paste your text here to find out how many words it contains:

Powered by Word Counter

Step 2: Email your text to

I’ll respond (usually quite quickly) to let you know that I have received your request and confirm payment amount & details, I accept Paypal & Direct Deposit.

Usually within 48 hours you will have your copy back, fully edited, or some questions if there is anything that needs clarifying. After the process is complete, if required, you will receive my invoice (from GeekZone Pty Ltd, please note, I am not registered for and do not charge GST)

Step 3: Pay the amount owing and post your work.

Thank you very much, may your words always strike the mark!


“Words are the counters of wise men and the money of fools” – Thomas Hobbes, English Philosopher

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* rush pricing available on a per job basis. Discounts for bulk work also possible.


Mental Overload

I know I\’ve been burning life at both end lately, and for me, some symptoms of that are email box overflowing, and lots of tabs open in Firefox, consisting of half read articles and things I want to look at at some stage. 30-40 tabs can make me mentally groan, and the thought of all that I might lose if they were closed makes me tense.

Bern was using my computer the other day and she accidentally clicked close in Firefox and it popped up the following message:
Okay that\’s really too many. Time to stop everything and sort…

now that I\’ve blogged it.

Journal for books

I was looking around for a book: Agile Web Development with Rails: A Pragmatic Guide, and I remembered that SAGE-AU had a sponsor who was a bookstore. I chased up and found that though they didn’t have the book listed, they had a nice friendly looking email addresss for enquiries. So I sent them an email, and got one back saying they couldn’t find it, (probably because I’d only given them half the name). I replied with the ISBN Number and they found it and offered it to me at a fairly good price, with my SAGE-AU 10% discount.

Then I remembered it was Tuesday Night and I was going away on Monday for a few days and what better relaxation than learning a new programming language? 🙂

I emailed to ask if they could express ship it, or did it have to go from the publisher to them and then out to me? I got a call the next morning to say they had already organised the publisher to overnight ship it to me, and I hadn’t even given them my credit card details yet!

I’m mightly impressed, so many thanks to the people at


A new definition of slow.

In doing some remote work for a customer tonight, I was remote desktopped into their server and was then using the server to VNC into another machine on that network…

Then I was trying to manipulate a 150Mb file…



Busy Times

It has been rather an exciting few months in the Snell household..

It started with a general dissatisfaction with my job in ICT Security, Dept of Education &amp:: Training, which must have subconsciously led to a 3am business idea, resulting in The Tech Doctor Network (site has very limited functionality at the moment)

Registering Business names, Company, domain names. Buying 1300 numbers and new cars, working out Mobile EFTPOS machines and Uniforms, as well as working my normal hours and starting to look after my new customers…

I’ve had fantastic support from family and friends, and Bernie has been 110% behind me all the way, chasing fuel cards and wholesale accounts, planning logos, business cards &amp:: brochures..


Train Timetable

When do all the trains go?
 General Metlink site:


one thousand eight hundred and forty seven

1847. That’s the number of k’s I’ve driven over the last 2 weeks doing technician training (and the other reason there have been no blog posts).

We did day trips to Heidelberg, Frankston, Rowville &amp:: Moe.

Then a week long trip to Geelong, Horsham, Bendigo (inc rest day) &amp:: Benalla.

It was interesting, and fun, but a long time away from the family.


Prince2 Project Management Training

I completed 4 days of PRINCE2 Project Management Training on Wednesday, and just got my results in.

PRINCE2 Foundation Examination Mark: 63 out of 75.

The pass Mark was 38, so I was pretty Happy about that!


email from the linux command line

The following command is now setup on my server to email the excel document that I use to calculate all my invoices to me on a weekly basis (using cron.weekly)

mutt -s GZ Backup” -a /home/msnell/My\ Documents/GeekZone/GeekZone\ Books.xls


Phone working again

My phone just started working again! I’m not sure if plugging it in and out of the handsfree kit a few times jiggled something or what, but I’m happy now coz it’s working… Of course, it might have been a great excuse to trade up to a new Treo 650.

I should add that Palm support did reply, but only to tell me to do what I’d already done and then possibly send it in to be looked at..

I took the opportunity to pull it apart myself, but that didn’t help, though it did clean a fair bit of dust out!