No, This is not a typo, this is a sequel to Alien. The second film is much better than the first, probably due to the direction of James Cameron, many of whose movies I love.
I think I saw this one too, many years ago, but I only remember bits of it. It is possible that I got the edited shorts from it with the aid of a friend of mine who now calls himself Meridian.
All that aside you have the same lead character, the same alien (lots of them) and the same planet, but also a bunch of new characters (good & bad). I quite enjoyed this, but the atmosphere can really be too much. At one stage in the movie all the light go out (coz the power got cut of course) but at the same time, in the office beside me there was a whir, a click and movement beside me. By the time I climbed back down off the ligh fitting, i realised it was mearly the Red Hat install beside me asking for the second CD, but it took me several minutes to calm back down before I could watch the movie again.

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