The Pond

Well, we started doing a bit around the pond area at the front over the couple of weekends. Bern weeded the whole area and started the process of getting it to look good. Then Jase and I managed to manhandle a bunch of Huge (some 100Kg+) rocks into place for the waterfall. After a quick test we found the waterfall was fairly good, but not perfect, but by that time Connor was getting grumpy so Jase went home.

I decided to go out last night after work and see if I could improve things but one of the rock was faw too heavy and in the process of trying to move it, one of the other rocks fell off and rolled into the pond, smashing the pump in the process. Hopefully I can fix it with some super glue, or I might need to go and buy myself one of those hot glue guns.

In the meantime I’ll need to organise some help again I think to switch two of the rocks around.

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