Tammy, Danny & Acacia Pearce

Tammy &amp:: Danny are very good friends of ours. Bernie &amp:: Tammy went to high school together but we all really go to know each other through Antioch. Common interests include Cards (500, Oh Shit and Joey) Tennis, Waterskiing, Drinking Red Wine etc. Danny and I also both work in computers and enjoy the odd game, especially puzzles like Myst &amp:: Schism.

Tammy’s parents, Chris and Rosemary live in a beautiful place called Jamieson where we occasionally go to get away from it all and relax, swim, fish and ski and drink.

The latest addition to their family is Acacia Hayley who was born on 04/03/02 which is an interesting date, 4-3-2 as well as being my sister Jen’s Birthday.

Update: 11 September 2005, 10:54pm
Tammy &amp:: Danny now have two little girls (Grace Ekala born 7th December 2003) (with another one on the way). We tend to just chill out with over a few glasses of wine and chat, or play a couple of rounds of 500, which the guys almost always win!

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