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Jay & Helena McNeil

Jay & Helena make up the team of Suitcase Music. We were just starting to get to know them when they moved to the U.S. to work with the worship team at Willow Creek. We’ve kept in contact both individually and as part of the Church community as a whole, but we were particularly exited by an email we received last week with the new that they were expecting.

Expecting (did I mention there were twins) is a fantastic thing in itself, but for this particular couple, who had struggled to start a family for so many years, it is simply a miracle. God has really blessed them, and they deserve it.

We just hope the come back to Australia some time soon.. We don’t want them having kids with American accents….

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Jason, Monique, Ashleigh & Connor Parlevliet

The &quot::Parlos&quot:: are extremely close friends of ours. They live only a few minutes away from us, and we tend to see them at least twice a week. Jase has his own site, and there is lots of stuff about the family on it, but I wanted a bit here to link to for the other members of the family (though it wouldn’t surprise me if Ash had her own web page soon). Jase and I are partners in GeekZone. There is lots more I could say about them, but I’ll just say I love them heaps, coz it’s time to go to bed.

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Tammy, Danny & Acacia Pearce

Tammy &amp:: Danny are very good friends of ours. Bernie &amp:: Tammy went to high school together but we all really go to know each other through Antioch. Common interests include Cards (500, Oh Shit and Joey) Tennis, Waterskiing, Drinking Red Wine etc. Danny and I also both work in computers and enjoy the odd game, especially puzzles like Myst &amp:: Schism.

Tammy’s parents, Chris and Rosemary live in a beautiful place called Jamieson where we occasionally go to get away from it all and relax, swim, fish and ski and drink.

The latest addition to their family is Acacia Hayley who was born on 04/03/02 which is an interesting date, 4-3-2 as well as being my sister Jen’s Birthday.

Update: 11 September 2005, 10:54pm
Tammy &amp:: Danny now have two little girls (Grace Ekala born 7th December 2003) (with another one on the way). We tend to just chill out with over a few glasses of wine and chat, or play a couple of rounds of 500, which the guys almost always win!

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