Taking on the Linux World

Now that I have a copy of VMWare, I’ve taken the liberty of moving myself off into the Linux world and trying to wean myself of Windows. The transition has not been painless, but growing never is.
I’m using Mozilla 0.7 for Web, Netscape 4.77 for mail (with Groupwise available in the VMWare window). All of this is sitting on top of a RedHat 7.1 system.
There are several things I’m concerned about:

  • I’m using oldish versions of the software, and I’m not sure why. (up2date had updated everything)
  • I can’t copy and paste between apps (Netscape seems to be the problem here)
  • The version of koffice I have (kspread 1.0) I cant open Excel 97 files)
  • Access to the RMIT LDAP address book is strange. The Name field seems to be the email address field.
  • I’m not sure how to access the Novell Server volumes that have most of my work on them.

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