Hello Cruel World.

I\’ve decided to give Ubuntu the flick and rebuild my desktop machine with Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate*

Here\’s what I\’m installing:
Intel Drivers (UAC) (5 reboots)
Flash player (UAC)
nvidia Drivers (UAC) (reboot)
Steam (free games with GFX Card driver download…)
Vista SP1 (took ages &amp:: at last 1 reboot)
more Windows Updates (reboot)
Twhirl &amp:: Adobe Air( UAC)
Openoffice 2.4 (UAC)
Adobe Reader (UAC)
Windows Live Messenger/Writer/Mail/Photo Gallery (UAC)


set firefox to search as i type

Firefox Extensions:
Google Browser Sync
Tinyurl Creator

*Why Ultimate? Because Business &amp:: Home Premium have different features, and I need to be able to know both to better support my customers.


My geek wife

Bernie is no slouch when it comes to technology, She\’s up there with the best of them as far as using a computer goes, and she\’s also an excellent tech receptionist, meaning she understands much of the technology people are asking about and can often give great advice without having to refer to a dedicated technician.

On a lighter side, she is also occasionally up for some mutiplayer first person shooter gaming, and she puts up with me..

but a few days ago she stepped further into the realm of geekdom, she sent me a tinyurl. For those who don\’t know, you use tinyurl to shorten those ridiculously long web page addresses some sites have into something that is much more easily manageable.

Well done princess.


I\’ve been trying to be efficient, and downloading files direct to the server, but some of our sites do not support wget for easy downloading. I did a bit of hunting around, and found you can do the same thing with:

curl -C – -O


Treo 650

I have and love a Palm Treo 650. It is fairly old now (about 100 years old in gadget time) but still working well. Bern was using on the weekend and was bugged by an idiosyncrasy I\’d never been able to work out. received SMS messages were dated into the future, often the next day. After a bit of playing we worked out they all seemed to be 18 hours and 10 minutes in the future which is a fairly odd number.

Seeing as I had some time up my sleeve once the girls went to bed, I googled it, and not only were there a couple of other people that had the problem, there was a patch!

I also found this wonderful thread on engadget about people\’s favourite treo apps.



I have to say, on the laptops, that two finger clicking is more intuitive than finding a right button.

In fact, I never use the button on my Macbook at all, I just use 1 finger tap for left click, 2 finger tap for right click and two finger dragging for scrolling.

I\’s even supposed to work under Bootcamp, but not for me yet, though it does in Parallels