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Victim of my own success

I managed to almost kill my family and friends minecraft server over the weekend, it was just so slow.. Blocks were really laggy, and I could walk twice as fast as the minecart would go.

I set all my settings to basic, rebooted my computer, rebooted the server, built a new server and put the world on that, it was still the same, when I logged in the Java/Minecraft process went to 98.7% CPU utilization.

Lizzie logged in and said it was fine for her. I went for a walk to another part of the map and found it was much better after a while.

I went back to our first village and it slowed again.

I was a victim of my own success!

While building and testing an automatic fishing farm, I left minecraft logged in running all night. I was still in range of the first village’s automatic chicken farm, where all the eggs are collected and fired back out to spawn more chickens. I had to painstakingly walk there getting slower and slower as I approached and slaughter over 800 chickens. I was literally at 1fps at the start, and finished back on a more reasonable 12-15 fps.

There’s now a switch that stops the eggs being dispensed. 🙂20140730-092828-34108256.jpg


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Minecraft Party

Lizzie had her 9th Birthday on the weekend as a Minecraft party where yours truly was crazy enough to setup 8 computers (plus a server and my laptop) on the dining room table so Lizzie, Beccy and her friends could all play Minecraft together on a dedicated server.

it's not a lie...

The Cake (Closeup)

We had lots of Minecraft themed foods, with raspberry licorice as TNT, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and orange M&Ms as redstone, diamonds, slime balls, gold nuggets, coal and carrots respectively. There was also cookies, chicken (nuggets), torches (chips), sticks (fries) and of course the cake:

They had a ball, though there was some griefing at times, and the noise was a bit overwhelming for the aspi’s at some points.

We even had one of the other dads join in for “5 minutes” when he came to pick his son up.

There is a collection of further photos below.

One further addition was some signage around the house. We had the sign on the front door, as well as signs on the girl’s bedroom doors. in keeping with the warning, I setup iPods in each of the girls rooms, plugged into a dock/speakers, playing Skeleton and Zombie sound effects through the respective web pages. The Zombie’s worked much better, they just have better sound effects.

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