Phone Problems

I’ve just sent this off to Palm-one support, we’ll see what happens. Also, if you ring me and get silence, you know I’ve forgotten to plug the handsfree in again. try again or SMS or email me….

When I receive a phone call, the phone prompts me to “Press Headset button” even though the headset is no longer plugged in. If I answer without the headset, I can neither hear nor be heard.

It just started happening the other day, then went away when I turned wireless mode off and back on again but now it has resurfaced and I’ve tried turning wireless mode off/on, soft reset, hard reset and nothing will fix it. I even tried a hard reset then switched wireless mode on and called it before I restored everything so it is not a software fault.

Everything works as normal with the headset (Genuine Handspring) plugged in, but as soon as I unplug it, I can neither hear or be heard.

Is there a physical switch inside the headset socket that tells the phone the headset is plugged in or is detected electrically?

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