Kangaroos as Bonnet Emblems

On our way up to QLD to visit Bernie’s brother and sister in law (Jim & Christina) and thier new baby Jessica we had a nasty altercation with one of the local inhabitants. We were about 130Km West of Toowomba at about 6:30pm when a roo popped out of the trees beside the road while we were travelling along at 110Km/h. In the couple of seconds I had to see it, I managed to slow down a bit, but I probably still hit it at around 90Km/h. It must have been on the way up, as we pushed it into the air a bit before we hit it again and went over the top.

The Commodore is a little the worse for wear, with a smashed grill, bent bonnet and a left headlight that points into the top of the trees on the right side of the road. Luckily enough everything seemed to still be in working order, though the headlight must have been a pain to passing motorists. When we got into Landsborough and friend of Jim & Chris’ was nice enough to straighten the light out so we could make the return trip without bugging people going the other way too much. There are some photos here.

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