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This is a bunch of sites I’ve found with possibly useful information on Wireless LANs,14179,2845902,00.html,1382,53638,00.html

and then this from SAGE-AU

As far as security was concerned some suggestions were:

– WEP with 128-bit key
– Ensure AP doesn’t beacon the SSID
– IPSEC / VPN (Treat your WLAN as a DMZ)
– MAC address authentication
– 802.1X Dynamic key generation

Selection of Access Point:

– Some thought 802.11a was fully ratified in AU, others did not.
– Some suggested vendors were shipping equipment that is ‘802.11a ready’.
– Many vendors offer dual slot AP’s allowing a/b to exist together.
– Questions raised as to the range/signal of 802.11a vs. 802.11b.

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