Getting it off my chest..

I had a great chat with my boss Steve today. We talked long and hard about the plans for the lab and what that would mean for us and the fact that if we grew much we would need more staff. I also expressed an opinion (that I really didn’t even know I had) that I was not enjoying some of the work we did for the Magazine any longer and I preferred doing the government and corporate contract work. This is mainly due to the less geek/more business focus of the new magazine, which I’m struggling to get used to.

He took this all pretty well, and I was glad to get it off my chest. We were then able to get down to the nitty gritty of what needed to be done for this month, and I felt much better from just having talked about it and started.

I feel that as time moves on my role will change to be more of a project manager (which is what the bigger boss, Lee wants anyway) and i’ll be overseeing projects in a way that means I can still get my hands dirty and use my talents in the field, but also use my organizational and lateral thinking talents to develop the business even further.

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