Basketball results round 2

What a difference a week can make! Unfortunately we were unable to train this week so I have had no time with the girls at all since the last game.

On the up side, we scored another new player this week, bringing the total to 8, which is a really good number.

We headed into round 2 with 2 players I’d never met before, 1 new one who had played last week, and the five that had trained the week before. Lizzie had sprained her ankle at school, and even though I strapped it up, she didn’t think she would be up to playing.

I made the mistake of benching the 2 new girls right at the start so I could have a quick chat with them, find out skill levels etc. only to find neither have played competition before at all, just a bit at school.

Not wanting both new players on the court together (initially) had to do a bit of careful subbing, but we made it through.

The score line accurately reflected our skills compared to the other girls, finishing 9-6 down.

I’m really hoping we can train this week, though it will have to be on some outside courts, but we all just need some time together, and to go over some basics.

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