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I was hoping whelmed could be my new target state of mind, as it had to be better than overwhelmed, which is how I seem to be feeling most of the time now, but it seems they mean the same thing…

whelm [wɛlm]vb (tr) Archaic

1. to engulf entirely with or as if with water

2. another word for overwhelmed

oh well..

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Jessica Watson: True Spirit

I finished True Spirit by Jessica Watson yesterday. It is her autobiography of her successful attempt to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, non stop. I always find it sad finishing a book, but thus one made me sadder than usual. What this young lady has accomplished at the age of 16 feels much greater than what I’ve managed to do in 39 years. Of course, our goals are different, and I have a beautiful wife, and two lovely children. I’ve built a business from nothing etc, but her story still makes me feel inadequate. Inspired, but inadequate.

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