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Back home

After 2 months, much soul-searching, many tears, lots of long conversations, a large dose of faith and forgiveness, I moved back home on Tuesday (7/2).

We still have a lot of work to do, but all marriages require work. We just decided ours was worth working for.

It’s good to be home

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In the period since the start of December, our family has fallen apart to the point where I’m currently living at the office to give Bern the head space she needs to sort out what she wants, and what is best for her and the girls.

I’m pretty broken up about this, but the reality is, it is mostly my fault. Over many years, I have failed to cherish my wife the way I should, and I’ve put business ahead of family.

I’ve had a wakeup call and I’m now ready to change, and in fact I am changing, but it may be too late..

watch this space.

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Bern was involved in an altercation yesterday which saw her car totally written off when it ran into the back of 3 other cars (nose to tail). Everyone is fine, but Bern is fairly bruised and sore. By the time I arrived the kids and already been whisked off to School and Kinder by other families we knew who were passing by and stopped. Thanks so much to everyone for your care &amp:: concern..

Some Photos:
Bern’s Car
The Other Car
with the number plate
and again

Jase has some more, including some of the inside, I think, but he’s away for the weekend and has lent me his car:

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Clearer, Sharper and 25% Geekier

It kind of had to happen, I guess. I now have glasses!

There wasn’t anything majorly wrong, I have an astigmatism which I think means that my cornea is more like a football than a disc, and now things that I never really noticed were blurry, are actually really sharp.

Another thing the optometrist said is that I might have less trouble differentiating between what is almost a square and a true square, which might explain why I sometimes have trouble working out if a screen resolution is the correct aspect ratio for a particular screen.

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Beccy didn\’t do as I asked at dinner, so I said she couldn\’t have a biscuit after dinner. Lizzy had don\’t the right thing so she could have one. I chose an extra-large biscuit and asked Lizzie if she would share it with Bec. She agreed so I split the biscuit into 60/40 pieces. Lizzie asked Bec which piece she wanted, but Bec wouldn\’t decide, so Lizzie chose the biggest piece, and handed it to Bec!

I\’m not sure if Bec learned anything, but I learned to love love Lizzie\’s servant heart all the more.

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