Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Cleaning

Note: This is a delayed post. As part of our training we were told we were not supposed to talk to the media, so I didn’t talk to myself all week. Does that mean I was censored??

Our Church, Careforce, was given the opportunity to clean the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village as a fundraiser. Basically we had to provide 70 people per day for 23 days and the Cleaning Company, CleanEvent, would pay the church the better part of $250,000. That’s what I call fundraising!!

I decided to give up a week of my holidays to volunteer, especially as I wasn’t going to be able to go to any of the commonwealth Games because of work.

Just being at the Atletes village was a real buzz. The work was constant and full-on, but working with a great bunch of people made it fun.

Days for me started at 4:30am so we could leave at 5:30 (usually with a few pickups on the way) to be at Flemington Racecouse by 6:30. That would get us to the assembly point by 7:00, where we would assemble our team, get ready, put on our Cleanevent Shirts and head over to the Security Checkpoint. Once through Security and into the Village, we could collect our cleaning equipment and be on our way.

My Team (Red 39) were allocated 5 houses with a total of 147 Beds and 31 bathrooms. The rooms were occupied by The BlackSticks Womens &amp:: Mens Teams &amp:: The NZ Cycling Teams and the Teams from Barbados.

Lots of fun, and as a community building excercise, by far the best I’ve been involved in.


David Meece

We went to a David Meece concert tonight, and I popped in to the church early to see if I could help out. It turned out they didn’t need me so I just did a few things around the place until Christa popped her head into the media room and asked if I could do a food run, because David likes Ham and Cheese Sandwiches, and someone had eaten them all..

You cant find Ham and Cheese Sandwiches in Mt Evelyn at 6pm, even the Cafe couldn’t help me because they were about to start serving main meals. So I did the next best thing, I went down to IGA, bought White Bread, Margarine, Ham and Cheese and made the Sandwiches myself..

That’s my 30 seconds of fame, I made Ham and Cheese Sandwiches for David Meece.

I did a bit of crowd control too and got in rather late, to what looked like rather poor seats, but it turned out we could see well on the big screen and could also clearly see the handwork as he played the piano. The sound was great too.

It was a fantastic night with a wonderful message, lots of interaction and some great music.

Support act were Roma Waterman and Katie VanDerZaag