Linux on the Desktop Part 2

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks, and to be honest I’m really not sure….

Here is my list of things that bug me:

I still can’t find a good twitter client
Audio is patchy at best
I can’t find a good program to open and edit files over scp/sftp
Searching for files is weird
My podcatching software gives random names to the files
Applications don’t always remember where they are supposed to be (screen location)
Lots of software isn’t available to do what I want. Even Firefox extension are not cross platform. Adobe air is supposed to be cross platform, but that means Windows & Mac. Ditto Silverlight, not that I’ve found any great use for it (yet)
My scanner doesn’t work (HP Scanjet 3500)
I can’t even be bothered setting trying to set up my Brother Label Printer (P-touch QL500)
None of the free virtual machine apps seem to work properly
Help is patchy at best.
Can’t see network shares via name (e.g. \\techdr\patches)
Hibernation/sleep doesn’t work properly

Ubuntu is free, and that’s great, but to be honest, it’s probably cost me hundreds of dollars in the time it took to setup and get it even close to right. Windows is not that expensive, especially if you buy it with a system.

The other problem is that most of job is supporting windows, so I need to spend time in it. I cant really afford to waste any more time, so it is quite likely that this blog post will be one of the last things this ubuntu machine ever does. Goodbye cruel world..

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