The Next step in Beccy’s Aspergers journey has been her enrolment at a second School, Larmenier in Hampton (55Km each way from home) four days per week. Larmenier is designed as a school for children with social and behavioural issues, and is currently about 32 students for the whole school, which is slightly bigger than Bec’s normal class size. Larmenier class size seems to be about 6-8 students. They do all the normal work, plus lots of social skilling, and fun subjects like science, cooking, and probably more computer work than the average Mainstream School. The process is well organised and Beccy will be spending her Tuesdays at SPJ and then Travelling about 1.5 hours each way to school Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri.

Today was her second day, and things have gone really well so far. She has made friends with the two other girls in the school, and made Hamburgers for lunch today in the cooking class. The travel has been a drain (on us all) and Bec tends to snooze a lot of the way home.

It looks like we have found a little office to work from in a strip of shops nearby, allowing us to setup a satellite Tech Doctor office and work during the day, rather than travelling back and forth twice.

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