Halloween Pumpkin

2014-10-31 23.50.27Oops, i completely forgot to post this, but the girls wanted to do a bit of Trick or Treating. for Halloween, and we also decided to get and carve a pumpkin.

I’d never done it before2014-10-31 23.50.35, but I was quite happy with how it came out.

I’m not sure if anyone saw it sitting on our front porch, so I thought I’d post some pictures here.

It’s worth noting that I 2014-11-03 07.23.14couldn’t stand spending $7.50 for a huge, bright, orange traditional pumpkin that I believe you can’t really even eat, so I found a standard Kent pumpkin that cost $3 and made a delicious Thermomix   pumpkin and sausage risotto afterwards.

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So Symetrical! I hope the girls appreciate how seriously difficult is it to cut those things! Hope they didn’t get too many horrible tricks too!

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