02 – You are not an accident

Point to Ponder:
I am not an accident.

Verse to Remember
I am your Creator. You were in my care even before you were born. Isaiah 44:2

Question to Consider:
Knowing that God uniquely created me, what areas of my personality, background, and physical appearance am I struggling to accept?
I feel I generally accept myself for who I am, though I may spend a little too much time reflecting on what it is in life that has shaped me to be the me I am today.. 🙂
In fact, if I have a problem in this area, it is more likely to be a lack of care for my physical appearance. Other than the fact that it would be really great if I toned up and lost a kilo or two, I do have a tendancy to be a bit of a sloppy dresser, and several people noted that the Baptism was the first time they had seen me in a Shirt and Tie for a while, but I have to confess that I simply don’t find dressing “up” to be that important, as long as I look fairly neat and presentable. I do look presentable most of the time, don’t I??

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