Bec started talking a couple of months ago. She started with the usual Mum and eventually Dad and then the next word she said was Dog. In fact she would just be sitting the playing away, and she would say dog”, seemingly out of the blue, but I found that if I stopped and played back in my mind what had just happened, I could hear a dog barking in the distance, which she had obviously heard and responded to.

Since then she has been adding new words every day or two. Next up was doll, ball, book, car and a few others from things in and around the house or in the books we read her.

One particular car trip she pointed at basically every car we saw and said “”car, brhoohm-brhoom””.

After a trip to Ringwood lake with Louise & Ryan she came back with a gorgeous “”quack”” from watching and listing to the ducks around the lake (with some help from Mum).

Recently she has started saying “”wheee”” when she finds something fun & fast and the other day I was heartbroken as she pointed out the window at her slide and said “”wheee slide”” but it was too wet to go out and play.

It is so beautiful to watch her develop. Bec, when you read this, I love you!

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