Veteran’s Basketball

My mum aged several years when I broke it to her that her baby son was playing in a veterans basketball team!

The team was running short of players, I need something to help me stayget fit, and it will help me with my coaching and credibility if I’m in the trenches playing the game as well as coaching.

It’s a fun match, the guys don’t train but we get out there and have some fun. There was plenty of tips for me which was great as it’s been 15 or so years since I’ve played.

Interestingly the jersey I was thrown was number 7, which was my number when I played back in primary school (Winter 1980 Premiers!!!)

The results were about 32-20 down, but some of the guys reckon we should have beaten them, and there are plenty of better and taller teams in the competition. Yikes.

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