Thumbs Up Westpac Lilydale

As Bernie was driving Beccy to kinder today she told her that we needed to go to the Bank. She said we could go before or after we picked her up and she said to us &quot::Please go before you pick me up, then we can just go straight home from kinder.&quot::  She said ok but then she added &quot::Unless it\’s Westpac&quot:: Bern smiled and told her it was Westpac so she said &quot::Go after Kinder, I want to come!&quot::.  Our girls love Westpac because it\’s so child-friendly.  They have a great play tent and toys, and when Bec writes out her &quot::deposit&quot:: slip, they also stamp it with children\’s stamps.  Thanks Westpac, for making our banking easier!

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