Streaming Media Costs

A 128kbps stream at 8 hours per day = 450Meg/day to listen to
the radio. 2.3Gig/week.” – Jase in an email.

At 6.9c/Mb* that works out to $31.05 per day or $621/month.

“”$10 would buy a little radio, and you’d never need to stream again, but
there would be no way to get your employer to pay for it…”” – Jase again in the same email.

I know at one of the schools I work at that students are not allowed walk/discmans but are allowed to listen to music through the computer. It’s not surprising that we have done approx 8Gb in downloads from in the last 10 or so weeks. I’m glad we get 30Gb free each month.

* Rate that government schools pay. Most commenrcial rates are more like 15c/Mb once you go over your cap.

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