Some days are diamonds, some days are stones…

My little princess, my darling Beccy, did not have a good day today..

When I got her up, she had taken her nappy off and made a little mess on the bed. Never mind, we cleaned it up, threw her in the shower and the sheets in the wash..

During her afternoon sleep, she took her training undies off and wet the bed. Better than last time, but the sheet and mattress protector are headed for the wash..

Then later in the afternoon, I’m working away soldering downstairs when I hear a click-click-click noise. I dashed up the stairs to find Beccy, who was supposed to be on the toilet has escaped into the kitchen and has turned the stove on and is trying to cook dinner.

Well, it was sort of cooked, but all the meat was still in the Supermarket trays and a couple of oranges got poached in thier skins and blue shopping bag…

The smell was horrible, and we had to just chuck the whole lot in the bin. Thankfully no-one was hurt, and the worst damage was the smell, a bit of soot in the kitchen and $30 worth of shipping stright in the bin.

If this is the worst day of parenting we ever have, we’ll be blessed!

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