Anyone who knows we even reasonably well, will know that I can’t sing. I generally consider myself tone-deaf (mainly because I have trouble picking the difference between sounds, for example the internal and external rings of most corporate phone systems).

So it was with some reluctance (trepidation?) then that I noted that Jase & Mon had bought a Playstation 2 and were preparing to play Singstar all night for Jase’s Birthday.

I knew no-one would pressure me to take part, but I think I knew my internal competitive spirit would probably rise up and I’d eventually want to have a go. So I set about relaxing myself: over 1/2 a bottle of red wine and a few cans of WoodStock later I was ready!!

Some background on the game: It is like a competitive Karaoke: 2 people sing the same song together, and the game scores each of you on how close you sing to the correct notes and tempo, which are displayed visually on screen over the top of the film clip. It’s a lot of fun, and at the end you get scores based on standard notes, gold (important) notes and line bonuses. It then gives a descriptive equivalent of the score.

My first song (there were quite a few in the end) I scored about 1/2 of what Bern scored, and it described me as “::Tone Deaf”:: kinda what I expected!

In testament to my tenacity, I never saw that description again, usually scoring 2/3 to 3/4 of what my competitor sang and being described as either Hopeful or Wannabe.

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