Remote Controls

I think the Tech Doctor needs to get into the Remote Control business. There are basic one which may or may not automatically know how to turn on everything in your AV Rack, right through to fully programmable, touchscreen ones that do everything you need, like switching to the correct TV input etc.

I mentioned it to Jase, and within minutes he came back with this…

Of course, I would need at least two of them – at the moment we have like 6 or 7 remotes, but at least if we lose one we can still control all the other things.  If we lost the one true remote we’d be screwed 🙂

    Three Remotes for sport-kings watching Foxtel and Sky
    Seven for the DVD, video and stereo surround,
    Nine for batteries doomed to die,
    One for the House Lord on his comfy throne
    In the Lounge Recliner where couch potatoes lie.
    One Remote to rule them all, One Remote to find them,
    One Remote to bring them all and in the loungeroom bind them
    In the Lounge Recliner where couch potatoes lie.

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