Proxies in Ubuntu Software Centre

In order to be able to use Ubuntu Software Centre from behind a proxy, you need to jump through a few hoops:

Click the search button (top button on the left side), and in the search box at the top type


In the Terminal type:

sudo pico /etc/apt/apt.conf

when prompted, type your password

add the following 3 lines:

Acquire::http::Proxy "";
Acquire::https::Proxy "";
Acquire::socks::Proxy "socks://";

and now you can run the Ubuntu Software Centre


and what does it all mean?

Terminal is the Program that gives you command line access to the computer.

Sudo gives you root (superuser) access to the machine.

Pico is a text editor

/etc/apt/apt.conf is the configuration file for APT, the Advanced Packaging Tool

the 3 lines in that file are of the format: Acquire::http::Proxy”http://user:password@proxy:port”

for the 3 types of proxy: http, https & socks

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