Playing in the Park

From a trip with Uncle Tez to the park:

When I last took Bec to the park, on arrival we found an adult man (early 20s) perched on the top of the slide, talking to some friends at the bottom, and not looking like going anywhere. Bec and I went to play on the swings, and when she became tired of them she made towards the slide, then stopped. She looked at the man for a moment, hesitated, and said to him &quot::I want you to get down&quot::.

The guys friends said &quot::I think you have been told!&quot::, and he promptly complied. They all had a good laugh. So Bec had her first (maybe) taste of authority over unfamiliar adults.

I apologised to the people at that time, then took Bec aside, and gently told her that whenever you ask something of an adult you do not know, always say &quot::please&quot::. Then off we went to the slide…

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