No more anti-depressants

A bit over 6 years ago, I went and spoke to my doctor to “see if there is something that can be done to help me cope better with life, especially the kids and my work load.” I was prescribed Lexapro, an anti-depressant at 10mg. They were a game changer for me in many ways, helping me cope better with the goings on of life, but also opening up about how I was truly feeling. Over the years I progressed to 20mg a day (which is ironically about 5% dearer than the 10mg) when things were really difficult between Bern and I. Over the last 7 months, I’ve slowly weaned myself off them completely, first half a 20mg tablet, then after a few months, half a 10mg tablet, then every second day, then every third, then “I’m not sure when I took one last, so I’m going to stop”. This literally took the better part of 5 months, making sure each step of the way that I was coping okay and not going to be a burden on my family in any way.

What does it mean now? I’m not 100% sure, but then, when is anything in life 100% sure? I’m happy, I’m coping, I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve been in 20 years, which I’m sure is helping, and I have the love and support of my family, which is the main thing.

For now, it’s one less bundle of chemicals in my body, I’m $1 a day richer and life is going well.

I hope it is the same for you.

Love & Hugs,


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