New Year’s Baby News

Happy New Year!!

If you are watching this site to keep track of the pregnancy, there have been a few happenings in the last week or so..

When Bern went in for her checkup on Christmas Eve her protien levels were up a bit, and, combined with her slightly high blood pressure and swollen hands and feet meant that she probably has pre-eclampsia. This means she has to rest a lot and I have to do all the work :(.

We are now seeing the doctor every couple of days, and it is fairly likely that things will be accelerated a little and the baby born well before it’s due date. Even from 36 weeks (this Saturday), there is a very good chance that the baby will be born strong and healthy, though it may need to spend a day or two in the nursery. More as it happens..

If you haven’t put your guess in yet, there is still time (but maybe not much..)

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