Meta Refresh

A Meta Refresh is used to redirect to another web page. I’m constantly forgetting how to do it, so I’m documenting it here..

What are meta refresh tags or meta redirect tags?

The meta refresh tag is a meta http-equiv tag which, when inserted into the header of an HTML document, will cause the visitor’s browser to load a new web page after a specified number of seconds have passed after the initial document has loaded, basically redirecting the visitor to the new page. The webmaster specifies the new page to be loaded and the number of seconds that must pass before the new page is loaded. The meta refresh tag takes the following form:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1;url=">

In the tag above, you can substitute any number for the 1, and you can substitute any URL for The meta refresh tag should not be used on any page that you want the search engines to index. You should never set the meta redirect to 0, as that will cause problems with Google.

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