Merlin says inbox-20 is okay.

I\’ve been trying over the last 12 months or so to make the productivity of my life better in small ways using a system called GTD by the David Allen Company. I\’ve learnt lots about how I think, how I store stuff in my head and various other places and how to control some of those things.

One of the things Merlin Mann (a great GTD evangelist) promotes is something called Inbox-Zero where you get your inbox to empty at the end of each day, clean and ready to face the next day. I\’ve been trying. I\’ve been succeeding at some level too, because now my inbox averages 20-40 messages instead of the previous 100-150. I can actually feel my stress level increase when it gets over 50.

The other day while listening to TWIT, I hear Merlin say that inbox-20 was okay! I feel so much better about myself. I\’m not a failure after all. 🙂

Current Items in my inbox: 17
Desk Status: messy! oh well….

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