Linux on the Laptop

I’ve tried a couple of times to run Linux as my main OS, but always ended up crawling reluctantly back to Microsoft Windows.

I’ve run a couple of machines as dual-boot, and while at DE&amp::T I actually had one of each on my desk and swapped between them with a KVM

This time I think I’ve cracked it. I’ve been 3 weeks on my laptop (which I take out with me to clients and basically use everyday) without rebooting into Windows.

The Solution: Ubuntu Linux 6.06. Code named: Dapper Drake

It hasn’t been a perfect transition, but it’s one I’m happy with. There was trouble with WPA secured wireless networks, which I fixed by installing network-manager, and there were a couple of other teething problems I cant remember.

Outstanding issues:
Hibernation: doesn’t work but I’m usually relying on my laptop when I’m using it, so messing around shutting it down is counter-productive.
Printing to the Xerox Colour Photocopier at CCCW: requires me to enter a dept number, which seems to only work from the Windows driver.

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